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Revolutionary Clinics is more than a medical marijuana dispensary; it is a community of people who all believe in the medicinal power of cannabis to help people lead happier, healthier lives. From classes and events to our blog and killer loyalty program, RevNation invites you to connect with people who share your vision for better living through cannabis.





Rev Access Card

Rev Access Membership gives you access to all sorts of fun perks and discounts at Rev Clinics and around town. For only an initial fee of $49 you get a gram of Flower of your choice (or the equivalent discount) for 12 straight months. A $180 value! PLUS 20% of select accessories, free home delivery on all Rev Clinic’s delivery orders, a metal “Rev Access” membership card with a built-in flower grinder and everyday discounts at a variety of Rev Access partners around town. Learn More

Rev Clinics is dedicated to serving our patient community and providing the most incentives and discounts that we possibly can. Healthy percentage discounts for our Vets, Seniors, and Hardship patients PLUS Loyalty Points programs, Buy one get one 50% off, Double Points Wednesdays, Holiday Specials, Raffles, and more. Learn More

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Loyalty Program

Being a regular has its advantages. Not only does your favorite patient advocate already know your medicinal needs, but you also get the benefits of Rev It Up, a loyalty program that lets you earn points with every purchase that can be redeemed for future purchases on medicated products only.

loyalty-programThe Rev Clinics “Rev It Up” Loyalty Program let’s patients earn 5% cash back in Rev Points on every purchase.

For example a $120 purchase nets you $6 in Reward Points good for whenever you want. Rev Points never go away and can be used at any Rev Clinics dispensary location.

Make sure to ask your Patient Advocate how many points you have in your account the next time you visit!

Rev Clinics is more than a retail store for medical grade cannabis. We are community and learning place for those looking to enhance their education and experience in all things Medical Marijuana. Our Blog articles focus on providing answers to cannabis users most frequently asked questions. Our Videos offer entertaining and educational tutorials, interviews, tours of our Factory in Fitchburg, and more. Our Press section highlights both breaking news in the Industry and spotlights about Rev Clinics as well.



Rev Reviews

When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I didn’t consider using medical marijuana. In a support group, a few members brought up how much relief they had found when they started using this product. I was nervous to bring it up with my doctor. But when I did, he was open and supportive of me trying medical marijuana to help with my symptoms. He shared that he would like me to keep him updated on how it’s working.

I’ve been looking for a safe, warm, comforting environment for my medical marijuana. I had the pleasure of meeting with some staff members from Revolutionary Clinics at a community event last week. They were so pleasant and knowledgeable. I can’t wait until they open!

My father is the last person on earth I thought would try cannabis for his prostate cancer. But after no relief from his pain medication, he was desperate for any help. One of his oldest friends confided that he had used cannabis when fighting melanoma and it helped him. It was important for him to know that others have been helped by this medicine. And now this medicine is helping him. Even better, he’s talking to everyone about his journey.


Rev Lounge is another way that Rev Clinics hopes to contribute to our Community. Each month we showcase amazing local Boston area artists at all of our dispensary locations. And now, our Rev Lounge Instagram Gallery is now view-able right on our website. It is a great way to stay in the know on the specially curated art appearing at all of our Rev Dispensary locations each month. Learn More

Rev Lounge

Events & Classes

The more you know about cannabis, the more you can hope to get out of your experience. From dabbing clinics to Canna-Bingo nights, there’s always something going on at Rev Clinics that helps you get more out of your cannabis experience. Click here to see the entire Calendar, or see below for what’s coming up this week.
There are no upcoming events.