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How to find the right medical marijuana for you | The Rev Clinics Difference

How to find the right medical marijuana for you | The Rev Clinics Difference

Whether you’re brand new to the concept of cannabis as medicine or you’ve been using marijuana through your own connections, at Revolutionary Clinics, we’re all about making your wellness journey as easy and stress-free as possible.

That’s where our Patient Advocates come in. This team of trained educators/customer service representatives/sales people includes Sarah-Jaana Nodell. As a core educator and Wellness Coordinator, Sarah-Jaana works with both the Cannabis Control Commission and the Cannabis Community Care and Research Center to ensure that every one of our Patient Advocates has the latest information and complies with all state laws.

Check out Sarah-Janna’s effortless and compassionate style in the video below as she shares her thoughts on how to talk to your friends about your medical marijuana use.

Thanks to Sarah-Jaana’s guidance, each of our Patient Advocates takes the same approach to connecting every patient who walks through our doors with the right medical marijuana for their unique situation. That starts by asking you lots of questions and listening to your answers in order to understand your physical, emotional and social needs as well as your treatment history. Specifically:

What medical condition are you seeking relief from?

The medical marijuana products that work great for pain relief could have the opposite effect on patients who are coping with anxiety. As Patient Advocate Andrew Elk says, “My job is to make no assumptions about what a particular patient needs. That said if you tell me you’re suffering from anxiety, then I know to steer you away from an entire class of products that will not help you.” Even if you walk into a Revolutionary Clinics dispensary knowing exactly what you want, be prepared to discuss your medical background with your Patient Advocate.  Every patient’s endocannabinoid system is unique so we’ll want to acquire as much information as we can about your treatment history and reactions to different medications and therapies.

How will medical marijuana fit into your personal/work/family life?

Understanding your emotional needs as well as your physical needs will enable your Patient Advocate to recommend products that work for your lifestyle as well as your treatment goals. For example, if you’re concerned about your neighbors or family members being bothered by the smell of cannabis, your Patient Advocate will show you vape carts, topicals and edibles that offer more discretion.  “Some patients will only touch medical marijuana in pill form because it’s what they’re used to and comfortable with,” Andrew explains. “Understanding what patients like and don’t like is important but it’s even more important to understand their fears or frustrations so I can help them find new solutions.”

One medical marijuana solution where Andrew’s knowledge really shines is vaping. Check out the video below to learn more!

What has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t?

Even if you haven’t tried marijuana since high school, your Revolutionary Clinics Patient Advocate will want to know how it made you feel. Did you feel euphoric, or did you want to fall asleep? Did you feel the effects immediately or did it take a while? Even information about unknown cannabis products will help your Patient Advocate to make better recommendations. “If a patient tells me that she got worked up when she smoked a joint in the ‘70s it’s still great information for me to know,” Andrew explains. “Today’s medical marijuana products have 20% THC versus the marijuana of the ‘70s that had 5-6%. Knowing how a patient reacted to less intense products is extremely valuable.”

What are your hopes, fears and goals?

Depending on your level of experience with medical marijuana and knowledge of how it affects you, your initial consultation may last 30 minutes. If you’re brand new to medical marijuana and are turning to Revolutionary Clinics because nothing else has worked for you and you’re desperate for relief, we will spend as much time with you as it takes to help you feel confident in your decision. All of our Patient Advocates are patients themselves so they know what it’s like to feel scared, confused and intimidated. That’s especially true for Sarah-Jaana who has overcome a myriad of health challenges throughout her life. “Everyone who walks through our door is walking a path we know nothing about,” Sarah-Jaana says. “I love helping people to mitigate their fears about medical marijuana, understand their unique endocannabinoid system and teach them how to incorporate other factors to trigger positive responses.”

Besides helping you find the right medical marijuana product for your situation, the goal of every Revolutionary Clinics visit is to help every patient have what Sarah-Jaana calls “a rainbow day”. “Most people will tell you to have a good day, but a rainbow day is my way of acknowledging that things don’t always go the way we want them to,” she says. “Having a rainbow day is an opportunity to appreciate every color that comes your way and embrace your day to the best of your ability.”

If you’re ready to start experiencing more “rainbow days”, please stop by the Revolutionary Clinics dispensary nearest you or give us a call at 617-213-6006!

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