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How to Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance

How to Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance

The first time you use cannabis, it feels amazing — pain relief, euphoria, and calmness of mind and body wash over you with full healing potential. However, after a while, it takes more and more cannabis to achieve those same sensations. Why? Because your cannabis tolerance has gone up!


Regular and consistent cannabis use will cause your tolerance to increase. Having a high tolerance makes it difficult for you to receive all the health benefits of cannabis. Meanwhile, keeping your cannabis tolerance low helps reduce the amount of cannabis necessary for your desired effects. 


Here are five creative ways to lower your tolerance to cannabis!


1. Take a T-break


The most common way to lower your cannabis tolerance is to take a tolerance break, commonly called a T-break. Because THC depletes your CB1 receptors over long periods of interaction, T-breaks give your CB1 receptors time to reset and return to their previous levels.


Some studies show CB1 receptor density is fully restored after roughly four weeks of abstinence, but a T-break of that length may not be realistic for some patients. Fortunately, many clinicians suggest that even taking a solid 48 hours away from cannabis can help reset flooded CB1 receptors.


2. Switch up your choice of cannabis


While it is important to know what kinds of cannabis work best for you, ingesting the same kind of cannabis can contribute to a higher tolerance (especially for that particular strain). You can lower your tolerance by using different kinds of cannabis, even if only temporarily. For example, if you always use a strong indica right before bed, try using a hybrid instead — or if you always go for an intense sativa, try something a little more laid back. 


Using cannabis products with more CBD and less THC could also help lower your tolerance. On its own, CBD doesn’t seem to deplete CB1 receptors and therefore doesn’t encourage tolerance development in the same way. You can use CBD-heavy products, like 4:1 tinctures and CBD fruit chews, to ensure the ingestion of more CBD than THC.


3. Change how you ingest cannabis


Consider trying new delivery methods to lower your cannabis tolerance. Just like how your body gets used to the same kinds of cannabis, your body becomes accustomed to how you ingest cannabis.


If you use cannabis flower, there are many ways to change your routine! If you always use a glass piece, try using a vaporizer or learn how to roll a joint. You can also try concentrates, which are more potent than other forms of cannabis. If you’re more of an edibles person, try moving from your usual chews or chocolate bar to a tincture or cannabis seltzer.


4. Use less per session


You could also lower your tolerance by minimizing the amount of cannabis you use per session. Try to use the least cannabis you need to feel comfortable — start by taking two thirds of your regular dose, then see how you feel. It’s important to give it some time before you go back for more, especially when using slow-release cannabis forms like edibles or tinctures. Microdosing, which involves taking less than 10mg of cannabis, can also help you reduce consumption. 

One way to use less cannabis flower is to invest in a chillum, which only holds tiny amounts of ground cannabis. Our Mile 62 chillum comes pre-packed but is completely reusable, so you can use it again and again to limit your cannabis usage.


5. Exercise


Physical activity can actually lower your cannabis tolerance! Doing a little cardiovascular activity before consuming cannabis or cannabis products could allow you to use less and achieve your desired sensations. There are many other benefits of cannabis for exercise including pain management, targeting inflammation, and supporting a healthy endocannabinoid system.


If you feel like taking a break from cannabis is the best way to lower your tolerance, exercise can also help you stick to your T-break. Getting away from your cannabis physically — going to the gym or for a run, taking a hike, or working out with a non-cannabis user — can help you physically stay away from your stash.


Withdrawals when lowering your cannabis tolerance


Cannabis withdrawal isn’t as intense as alcohol withdrawal or withdrawal from other substances. However, you can expect some uncomfortable short-lived side effects:


  • Mood swings
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach problems, including nausea and diminished appetite
  • Pain increase in trouble spots (especially if using cannabis for pain management)
  • Insomnia or vivid dreams (especially if using cannabis for sleep)


Make sure to rest, drink plenty of water, and use OTC medication to diminish these side effects, which could last for a few days. It may help to tell friends and family that you’re lowering your cannabis tolerance. 


Not over-using cannabis, consistently using less per session, and using low-THC or CBD-heavy cannabis products can prevent your cannabis tolerance from rising again.


Lower your tolerance with Rev


At Rev Clinics, we can help you lower your tolerance without compromising the healing medicinal benefits that brought you to cannabis in the first place. Our dedicated staff will work with you to find the right products and usage plans, so you can make the most out of your cannabis while keeping your tolerance low. Learn more about Rev and order online today!

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