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March(reefer)Madness Bracket

Download Bracket Here: MARCH(reefer)MADNESS

March(reefer)Madness Bracket Battle!
It’s a burning question we’ve always wanted to know the answer to: which cultivar is #1 with Rev Clinics’ patients?

The March(reefer)Madness Bracket Battle is your chance to make your voice heard and win up to 100 loyalty points!

We’ve set up a college basketball tournament-inspired bracket of cultivars based on type/effect reported by patients & staff. Ex: indica cultivars will be matched up against other indica leaning cultivars for the most equal comparison possible.
Pick up or download your bracket beginning March 10th and choose your favorites until only one championship strain remains. Then bring your completed bracket to any Rev Clinics location by Monday March 23rd.
Once the bracket deadline has arrived, the Rev Marketing Team will tally all brackets received. We’ll announce the final four strains on our Instagram story during the NCAA Final Four tournament. The winning cultivar will be decided by total number of championship votes made by all patients. From those winning selections, we will randomly draw a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winner:
1st prize: 100 loyalty points
2nd prize: 50 loyalty points
3rd prize: 25 loyalty points