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Myrcene | What it is and how it may help you

Myrcene | What it is and how it may help you

Before we talk about Myrcene and how it impacts your cannabis experience, let’s begin with a quick summary of the three different types of cannabis, Indica, Sativa and hybrid. If you’re new to cannabis, the easiest way to understand these different types is to think about coffee. Indica is the equivalent of decaf coffee, Sativa is caffeinated, and hybrid combines the two.

Within these three different types of cannabis are distinct strains with names like Girl Scout Cookie, Purple Lamborghini, and Sour Diesel to name just a few. These strains are like the wide variety of bins/bags of coffee you’ll find at your favorite coffee shop or supermarket. Just as these bags of coffee come from different countries and have different flavors ranging from mild to full-bodied, so too do the various strains of cannabis.

The fact is, experts are still figuring out all the elements that make some cannabis strains smell and taste dank, others skunky and others almost sweet. They all agree that terpenes have a part to play in each strain’s flavor story. Terpenes are organic, aromatic compounds found in a variety of plants, including cannabis that contribute to the flavor, scent, and therapeutic effects of cannabis. We’re still learning about terpenes all the time which is why we’re sharing more content about  individual terpenes, what they’re like, and how they may affect you, so you will have an easier time finding the cannabis products that will work best for you.

Now, let’s talk about Myrcene. 

Myrcene is an organic compound found in hops, mangoes, and lemongrass that gives each item its citrusy bitterness. To provide you with an even better understanding of Myrcene’s spicy, peppery and robust aroma and flavor, it’s also present in the cooking spice thyme. Research suggests Myrcene has wonderful muscle relaxant, pain-relieving, antispasmodic, and sedative effects 

Now, let’s think about how you feel when you consume beer, lemongrass tea, or any dish seasoned with thyme. Despite these wildly different flavors and applications, Myrcene has a way of making you feel sleepy, comfy, and cozy. Think of how an ice-cold India Pale Ale beer chills you out in every way on a hot summer day or how a roasted pork loin seasoned with thyme feels like a warm hug from mom in the fall or winter. Lemongrass tea has been prized as a sleep aid by herbal remedy experts for centuries. Despite their tangy bite and tropical vibe, even mangoes leave you with a full, relaxed feeling that experts attribute to Myrcene.

Not surprisingly, Myrcene is common in Indica strains that many of our patients choose for their relaxing, pain-relieving, and stress-reducing effects. Are these effects solely the result of Myrcene? Not likely. But just as the aroma of a pine tree can evoke happy memories of Christmas past, Myrcene’s hearty, robust aroma can enhance the soothing, comforting effects of any strain that contains it. Myrcene is like the eucalyptus flavor of a menthol cough drop when you’re not feeling well. By itself, the eucalyptus flavor doesn’t do anything, but its presence enhances the effects of the other elements in the cough drop that clear your breathing passages.

At Revolutionary Clinics, we’re making it easier for our patients to choose cannabis products based on their terpene content. From flower and pre-rolls to concentrates and topicals, terpenes exist in all of our products, and we’re labeling them accordingly.

Terpene Label

If you need help sleeping, relieving pain, or reducing stress, you may want to consider products with high levels of Myrcene and we’re happy to help you any way we can. You can speak with one of our Patient Advocates in our dispensaries, give us a call at 617-213-6006 or visit our website and get answers to all of your terpene questions in our online chat!




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