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How to Package and Protect Your Cannabis

How to Package and Protect Your Cannabis

As many cannabis users are aware, it’s important to store your cannabis properly to maintain maximum shelf life. But it’s just as important to protect weed by keeping it in its proper packaging, and avoiding containers that might decrease the quality of your cannabis products.

The packaging you use has a major impact on the potency of your cannabis, its dryness, and even its chemical composition. Additionally, if you’re a cannabis user with kids or pets around the house, you’ll need to understand how to keep your weed in childproof containers. Here’s a rundown of cannabis protection and packaging.


Why is cannabis packaging important?


The right weed packaging helps maximize the potency and healing potential of your cannabis and cannabis products. UV rays are notorious for degrading cannabis product potency, so keep your weed away from natural sunlight. Investing in packaging that doesn’t let in sunlight can help you maintain the quality of your weed. 

Weed packaging often has important information for cannabis consumers, including dosage. If you use your own packaging, make sure the dosage is stated on the exterior of your cannabis packaging to ensure proper dosage. It’s also important to identify the strain of the weed on your packaging to avoid any unintended mixups. 

The security of weed packaging is another important yet often overlooked step in cannabis protection. Weed packaging requires security measures to prevent unwanted tampering, especially if there are children around. Childproof screw-tops are available, but you’ll also want to store your cannabis products in a place that ensures they will never be mistaken for a regular snack.


Protecting your cannabis with Rev


Effective packaging is the key to a long shelf life for all cannabis products, not just flower. From edibles to concentrates to tinctures, any type of cannabis you consume is sensitive to its surroundings. Learning the do’s and don’ts of cannabis packaging maximizes the quality of your product!



Many cannabis consumers know that UV rays physically dry out flower, and sunlight reduces THC concentration by turning THC molecules into CBN. A less commonly-known fact is that traditional plastic bags also degrade the quality of your weed. This is because the static electricity on the insides of a plastic bag will brush off the sensitive trichomes that contain some of the most potent components of your weed. 

The most effective way to store weed flower is in an airtight jar or a specialized mylar bag, out of sunlight. Weed also loses its potency as it dries up, which means you will also benefit from keeping your weed at a certain humidity level. To maintain proper humidity, you can keep a Boveda pack in the jar with your flower.  

Rev sells our flower in Calyx drams as well as in airtight mylar bags. You can also buy single-pack Ace Weidman’s pre-rolls in airtight containers, which are made from recycled ocean plastics. 



Along with keeping edibles out of the sun to maintain their structure, it’s very important to keep edibles out of the reach of children. Although this is important for every cannabis product, the close resemblance between edibles and normal foods can be an extra dangerous combination, especially with young kids in the house.

Along with placing your edibles out of sight and out of reach of children — preferably in a locked, neutral-looking container — keep cannabis edibles in a cool and dark place. This helps prevent edibles from melting or sticking together in the heat.

Edible packaging at Rev varies between different edible types, ranging from mylar pinch bags to metal tins, chocolate bar boxes, and more. Our i am edible fruit chews use non-staining metal packaging to preserve maximum freshness and flavor. All Rev edibles are clearly labeled and packaged in resealable childproof containers, per state regulations.



Cannabis concentrates have similar storage requirements as edibles, but keeping concentrates fresh is especially important due to their highly concentrated THC content. Keep your dabs and wax in a cool, dark place with humidity levels that help maintain a high potency — such as your fridge or wine cooler. Major changes in temperature and moisture can decrease the potency of concentrates, so don’t keep dabs in the freezer unless it’s for long-term storage. 

Rev uses small, inconspicuous concentrate containers that are childproof and resealable, as per state regulations. We also offer DabTabs made by Rev X-Trates, which are pre-measured portions of cannabis concentrate. Each Dablet is encased in natural mineral-based ceramic, so each one can be heated individually without removing the extract.



Storing weed tinctures follows many of the same rules as other forms of cannabis. Tinctures should be kept in a safe, dark place, and your weed tincture bottle should be made of UV-protective glass. 

Rev offers a wide range of tinctures infused with different strains, concentrations, and solvents like MCT oil and lemon oil. Our tinctures use eco-friendly glass packaging for long-term storage and effective, reliable results. 



Cannabis topicals come in many different forms including lotions, balms, and oils. All weed topical packaging should be opaque to block harmful UV rays from the product. Topicals are also best used in resealable containers, to prevent the loss of potency. 

Rev offers Topicas topical solutions in two forms: shea butter salves and a topical massage oil. The 1:1 Lavender Massage oil comes in a tightly-sealed bottle with a dropper, which helps block unwanted bacteria from getting in. Topicas shea butter salves come in resealable, clearly labeled packaging that preserves potency and freshness.


The Rev approach to weed packaging


Learning how to protect weed is all in the packaging. At Rev, we’re dedicated to providing sustainable, safe, and easy-to-use packaging that complies with all state guidelines. Rev products also contain a batch label with exact dosing per unit and per package, and our beautiful packaging helps you be sure of what you’re reaching for. Order online today for pickup or delivery in the Boston metro area! 

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