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The “Roots” of Rev’s Cannabis: Legacy Weed Strains at Rev

The “Roots” of Rev’s Cannabis: Legacy Weed Strains at Rev

At Rev, we’re more than a dispensary in Boston — we’re cannabis specialists. With a wide selection of specialty strains, Rev offers new and exciting varieties for your best weed experience to date. Some of the most famous and sought-after cannabis strains are available at our dispensaries in Mass, so you can find the right strain with the right effects for you.

So, what’s the difference between all these strains of weed? If you’re hazy on your knowledge of strains, let Rev be your guide. From classic plants to brand-new varieties, Rev can take you on a journey through the world of cannabis.


The Origins of Cannabis Breeding


Cannabis has been used for thousands of years and across the globe, for both psychotropic and medicinal purposes. The very early history of weed starts in Asia, where it was one of the first documented plants humans ever cultivated. Cannabis use has been documented back to 2800 BCE, when Emperor Shen Neng of China (venerated as “The Father of Chinese Medicine”) prescribed cannabis tea to treat a variety of ailments.

From East Asia, cannabis cultivation quickly spread to Afghanistan, Southwest Asia, and Africa. In fact, the conditions in Afghanistan are so optimal for cannabis growth that many of today’s landrace strains originated in Afghanistan’s fertile Hindu Kush mountains — explaining one of weed’s most popular nicknames.

As humans grew cannabis from Ancient Assyria to Greece and Rome, the plant became the source of much experimentation. To maximize weed’s healing potential and euphoric effects, thousands of breeders have worked to develop the most effective possible weed strains. Whenever you purchase cannabis from our dispensary, you’re experiencing the result of centuries of careful cultivation.

Let’s look at some of the extraordinary strains — both new and classic — that we offer at Rev.


Classic Strains: the Tried and True Varieties


Cannabis strain names can become confusing, since there are often multiple strains bearing the same name. Strains are usually determined by the female parent without considering the genetics of the male parent — this can lead to the misnaming of the plant, resulting in a variety of genetics under one label. However, our strains at Rev contain a consistent genetic background, ensuring these strains are in their truest form.

At Rev, some of our classic strains include:

  • Blue Dream. Blue Dream was first cultivated in Santa Cruz, California. One of the most widely recognized strains, Blue Dream is popular for its high THC concentration and low CBD percentage, which contributes to its unique psychoactive effects. As a sativa-leaning hybrid, Blue Dream offers a relaxing effect with medicinal uses including relief from chronic pain and nausea. Rev currently offers Blue Dream in cartridge form. 
  • Chemdawg. Chemdawg is a popular strain that’s been around since the 1990s. Known for its euphoric effects, Chemdawg is often used to help with anxiety, depression, and stress. It’s one of the first designer strains available in Massachusetts, and there are many strains based on the original Chemdawg — including other strains on the Rev menu such as Motorbreath #15 and Sour Chillz. Like the other Chem strains, Chemdawg has a strong odor, high THC concentration, and a cerebral effect. At Rev, you can purchase classic Chemdawg in cartridges. 
  • Black Mamba. With a name inspired by the incredibly venomous snake, this strain packs a powerful punch — and Black Mamba fans agree that it lives up to its label. Boasting super-high levels of THC, Black Mamba is a strong indica-leaning hybrid often used for relaxation and stress management. Black Mamba is also known for creating almost no paranoia, making it a more predictable experience than other high-THC strains. At Rev, we offer Black Mamba in flower and kief rosin forms.


New Strains: Breeding Innovation with Cannabis


Ever since California legalized medicinal marijuana in 1996, new strains have often sprung from the West Coast. But with modern cannabis laws in place across the East Coast, cannabis innovation is now rampant here as well. This has led to a boom in cannabis cultivation that has established some seriously unusual plants.

At Rev, some of our most sought-after strains include:

  • Gelato #33. Gelato #33 boasts sweet terpenes, yielding a high-potency strain that’s a great mix of indica and sativa. As its name indicates, it’s the 33rd phenotype in the Gelato strain — but it’s the most popular Gelato strain, proven by its 5th place win in Hybrid Flower at the 2021 Cannabis Cup! Gelato #33 is the parent of many other sweet-tasting crosses (like Gelato Cake and Ice Cream Cake) known for their pleasant flavor and relaxing effects. Rev offers Gelato #33 in flower form. 
  • Wedding Cake. The name “Wedding Cake” might sound like just a novelty strain, but it’s seriously popular. With some of the highest THC concentrations, Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid that can both relax and uplift. Medicinal uses of Wedding Cake are vast, including chronic pain management and insomnia — and thanks to its excellent medicinal benefits, Wedding Cake came in first place at the SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. You can find Wedding Cake at Rev in flower, cartridge, and live hash rosin forms — including Mile 62’s new line of live, solventless concentrates Live Bubble Hash and Cold Cured Live Hash
  • Motorbreath #15. One of the most potent strains on this list, Motorbreath #15 can contain over 25% THC! It’s not for beginners, but Motorbreath #15 is a great indica-leaning blend for fans of heightened relaxation. Motorbreath #15 is known for its intense, diesel-y aroma and earthy flavor, as well as its awards in the Recreational Hybrid category at the 2015 and 2016 THC Championship. Rev offers Motorbreath in flower and cartridge forms.


Finding the Right Strain For You at Rev


Rev has the best of the best when it comes to classic strains and brand new cultivars. We’re more than just a Boston weed dispensary that delivers marijuana to medical customers throughout the Commonwealth — our Rev Grow Facility is home to many of the most popular and potent cannabis strains available today!

Whether you’re looking for a legacy strain or a brand new design, Rev’s got you covered. Try these exciting strains, and experience the hype for yourself, by exploring our online menu.

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