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Special Events at Revolutionary Clinics | Dropping Knowledge & Having Fun

Special Events at Revolutionary Clinics | Dropping Knowledge & Having Fun

At Revolutionary Clinics, we want to be more than your trusted source of top-quality medical marijuana products and exceptional customer service, we want to be a source of knowledge and inspiration that makes your life better in every way. Jonathan Soroff of The Improper Bostonian recently wrote that “Revolutionary Clinics has the feel of your cool cousin’s house where people hang out, learning how to “dab” or enjoying a cannabis paint night.” We’re profoundly grateful to Jonathan for capturing the vision we’ve had for Revolutionary Clinics since Day 1 and we work hard to keep this vibe thriving with a busy calendar of events.

Our events range from purely social Game Nights to in-depth discussions on serious health issues and how cannabis can provide relief. These informal gatherings are a great way to chat with other medical marijuana patients who understand your situation and can be great sources of additional knowledge, encouragement and support.


Monthly Game Nights
Whether it’s a special one-night only discount or a cool piece of SWAG from one of our vendors, we go to great lengths to make sure “everybody wins on game night”.  Every patient who attends gets to spin our ever-changing prize wheel for a chance at scoring sweet deals like 20% off any edible or 50% off any Co2 vape cartridge. You can also win up to 200 Rev Points  worth $10!

Monthly Patient Appreciation Parties
The themes change from month to month but you can always count on free food, fun games, awesome prizes and great deals! We take the party outside when weather permits, and almost always have a live band or DJ to keep the atmosphere festive.


Dabbing with Dan

Lit Learning | Medical Marijuana Education Sessions with Andrew Elk
Patient Advocate, cannabis expert and all around great guy, Andrew Elk has a passion for “pulling back the curtain and de-mystifying the process of consuming medical marijuana”. A trained theater actor, Andrew speaks with a rare combination of clarity and sincerity as he offers advice on everything from vaping and dabbing to bongs and pre-rolls. At Revolutionary Clinics, we have the most thoroughly curated selection of vaporizers in the state of Massachusetts. During each Lit Learning class, Andrew will breakdown the features and benefits of one specific product, answer all your questions and recommend alternatives. “We’re the only dispensary in the state doing classes like this,” Andrew says with conviction. “It’s all about helping each patient find the best tool to consistently deliver the right medicine for their goals”.

To get an idea of what a Lit Learning session is like, check out Andrew’s matter-of-fact style in the video below!


Paint Night at Rev Clinics

Paint Nights
Cannabis and creativity go hand in hand. That’s why we’re proud to showcase the work of talented local artists at all of our dispensaries and invite total amateurs to get in touch with their inner Picasso at Revolutionary Clinics paint nights. Painting is a terrific way to relax, de-stress and experience the kind of positive energy that only comes from creating something out of nothing.  We provide all the art supplies as well as snacks and beverages to fuel the creative process. All you need to bring is an open mind.  Whether you bring a friend or come alone, you’re sure to leave our dispensary feeling better than you arrived and with a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home!


Green Group Nurses

Health and Wellness Presentations
At Revolutionary Clinics, many of our patients come to us after years of frustration with conventional medicine or incomplete care from their primary care physician. If that sounds like you, but you still want to know what credible, certified professionals think about medical marijuana, these presentations are for you. We partner with local physicians, nurses and mental health experts who have prescribed cannabis for hundreds of their patients to inspiring effect. Topics include Cannabis and Heart Health, Cannabis for Epilepsy Control, Breast Cancer and Cannabis, as well as Marijuana as a Replacement for Opiods. In addition to practical advice and best practices for patients who are living with specific symptoms, these sessions are great for anyone who wants to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis from experienced healthcare professionals.

You’ll find a continuously updated list of upcoming programs on the events page of the Revolutionary Clinics website. We also invite you to like us on Facebook where you can RSVP and invite your friends to join you. Please note that you must be a Massachusetts MMJ cardholder in order to attend events at any of our dispensaries. We do this in order to maintain our unique community of medical marijuana users. If you don’t presently have a Massachusetts medical marijuana card, being able to attend our events is yet another reason why having an MMJ card is still a good idea even though recreational marijuana is legal so we hope you’ll take that step today. If you have questions about any of our events or want more information, give us a call at 617-213-6006.

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