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Three reasons why vaping medical marijuana may be right for you

Three reasons why vaping medical marijuana may be right for you

Before we talk about why vaping medical marijuana may be right for you, let’s start with a quick explanation of how vaping is different from smoking. Whether you’re smoking a pre-roll, or taking a hit from a bong or water pipe, you are extracting the THC that gives medical marijuana its potency through the process of combustion. Combustion means the bud is burnt which produces smoke that can be harder to inhale and less than discreet.

As our Patient Advocate Andrew explains in the video below, instead of burning the bud and inhaling smoke, when you vape medical marijuana, “the THC floats off the plant”.


How is it possible for THC to float off a plant?

Vaporizers activate THC through one of two processes – conduction or convection. With conduction, the medical marijuana is heated as if it were bacon in a frying pan. Heat from the vaporizer is applied to a heating chamber that is in direct contact with the medical marijuana. Convection vaporizers heat the medical marijuana with an internal fan that works like a tiny hair dryer. Whether you choose a conduction vaporizer or a convection vaporizer, as Andrew explains, one of the primary benefits you’ll enjoy is:

Reason #1 why vaping may be right for you:
A healthier, less irritating experience for your throat.

Why is vaporized medical marijuana flower less harsh than medical marijuana ignited in a bong or water pipe? It’s all about “extending the vapor path” which essentially increases the distance that the vapor travels to make it easier to ingest. Vaporizers also produce less heat than combustion and as Andrew mentions in the video below, cooler smoke is easier to ingest.


In addition to being easier to ingest, vaped medical marijuana produces less odor which means:

Reason #2 why vaping may be right for you:
Greater discretion/stealth

Even though the stigma of medical marijuana has diminished significantly in recent years, sometimes it’s just easier and more convenient to keep your use to yourself. Vaping is an excellent choice when discretion is key and the privacy can be further enhanced when you choose to vaporize oils that produce zero smoke and don’t smell at all like medical marijuana.

Of course, medical marijuana flower and oil cartridges aren’t they only way to vape. You can also vape medical marijuana concentrates, which brings us to:

Reason #3 why vaping may be right for you:
Power and consistency

As Andrew explains, concentrates deliver a larger plume of vapor that can be useful for users who want to receive their therapeutic benefits as quickly as possible.

Now that you know the three reasons why vaping medical marijuana may be right for you, you’re ready to have a conversation with one of our Patient Advocates about which product is best for your situation. As Andrew explained in our videos, each method has its pros and cons along with different dosing options, therapeutic effects and of course, costs. At Revolutionary Clinics, we look forward to answering all your questions about vaping and connect you with the right product or combination of products that meet your specific needs. Contact us today!


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