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4 reasons to consider buying a medical marijuana vaporizer

4 reasons to consider buying a medical marijuana vaporizer

Last year, Patient Advocate Andrew Elk sat down to do a series of videos about the basics of vaping medical marijuana to help new patients and long-time flower smokers alike to understand this fairly new technology.

In that post, we talked about how vaping medical marijuana is more discreet, more consistent and less irritating for your throat and lungs than smoking. If you’re just getting into medical marijuana, vape cartridges are the perfect way to give vaping a try. Once you’re comfortable with the concept of vaping, you’re ready to step up to a more sophisticated vaporizer that will allow you to vaporize dried marijuana flower that provides a better flavor experience or marijuana concentrates that deliver more medicine.

Vaporizers are more expensive than pre-rolled joints, pipes and dab rigs but there are reasons for that. Once again we connected with Andrew Elk (who was recently promoted to Training and Development Manager) to spotlight the benefits of vaporizers so you can decide if you’d like to learn more about them at one of our dispensaries.

Vaporizers are incredibly convenient and easy to use

While nothing beats the ease and discretion of a vape cart, using a vaporizer offers a level of convenience you just can’t get from smoking marijuana. For one, there’s nothing to ignite so you can vape just about anywhere. Patients dealing with insomnia really appreciate the fact that they can vaporize their medical marijuana in bed – don’t try doing that with a joint or water bong – the fire hazard is not worth the risk. The “set it and forget it” convenience of vaporizers also takes all the nuance out of the consumption process. You’ll still need a grinder to prepare your flower for your vaporizer but you don’t have to worry about quartering your bowl to get the most out of your material. Vaporizers do all the work for you at the push of a button. And unlike a glass pipe or bong, if you drop your vaporizer, it won’t shatter into a million pieces and create a safety hazard.

Flower vaporizers help you spend less money on medical marijuana

The process of igniting and burning medical marijuana flower is effective, but not efficient. In fact, a bong only delivers about 50% of your product’s total potential because of the smoke that doesn’t get into your lungs between inhalations. Vaporizers deliver a 97% absorption rate so there’s no waste of the whole plant medicine you want and are spending you hard-earned money on. To put that in perspective, by using a vaporizer instead of a bong, the material you would normal burn through in a minute and a half can power thirty minutes of vape time. To put that in perspective, you can get the same effect of smoking .5 grams of cannabis from just .1 to .3 grams so it’s just a matter of time before your vaporizer pays for itself.

Vaporizers deliver a less toxic inhalation experience

With vaporizers, the inhalation process is electrical, not chemical. That means you get only the THC and terpenes you want and none of the carbon and other chemicals that result from igniting the flower. Those chemicals are the same ones that inevitably cause you to cough so you lose that hassle as well. Also, since you don’t need a lighter, you’re eliminating the risk of inhaling butane fumes so the experience is cleaner and neater in every way and enables you to unlock flavors from your material that you simply can’t get from a joint or bong.

Concentrate vaporizers save you money on expensive glass dab rigs

As we’ve said in the past, dabbing medical marijuana concentrates is not for beginners. Concentrates are 40-80% more potent than flower so you’ll want to have a thorough understanding of your tolerance and how your body reacts to cannabis. The hardware required for dabbing is expensive and the fact that you need a blowtorch only enhances the intimidation factor for inexperienced patients. With a concentrate vaporizer, all those concerns disappear. You simply load your shatter or oil into the surface within the device. When this surface is heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the material starts to bubble and the vapor simmers off. Just like with flower vaporizers, there’s no combustion and very little smell so they are as discreet as they are convenient.

Upgrading to a vaporizer opens up lots of exciting opportunities to make consuming medical marijuana safer, easier, more discreet and more convenient. At Revolutionary Clinics, we stock several different varieties of vaporizers. Some are just for vape carts, some are just for flower, some are just for concentrates and some can utilize all three. Within each of these varieties are units with different features such as automatic shut-offs, rechargeable batteries and temperature settings that can be controlled with your smart phone. A good portable vaporizer starts at $200 but we also have less expensive tabletop vaporizers that can be a good place to start.

When you shop for a vaporizer at Revolutionary Clinics, you can count on expert advice to guide you through all the different options and top-quality products from reputable companies that we’ve vetted and believe in. If you have questions or you’d like more information, please fill out the form on our website and we’ll get right back to you!

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  1. I’m not sure why, but when I saw this clip on your website I thought it was describing a new product. I had a delivery to my home today by Stuart Taylor and was asking him about this ‘new product’ and he patiently and politely kept telling me of several products of that kind that are available. I have since looked at the clip and I see that it’s talking about all vaporizers. My apologies to Stuart with appreciation for his knowledge and patience.

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