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Dabbing Medical Marijuana | What it is and why it may be right for you

Dabbing Medical Marijuana | What it is and why it may be right for you

If you’re just beginning to explore the world of medical marijuana and you’re curious what dabbing is and why you’ve heard so much about it, then this article is for you! We’d suggest you do NOT make dabbing your first experience with medical marijuana. One of our Patient Advocates will be happy to introduce you to cannabis products such as flowers, vape carts, edibles and infusions. Once you’re familiar with the benefits of medical marijuana and you’re ready to experience a faster delivery, vaping may be a good choice for you as you continue your wellness journey.  Dabbing on the other hand, is best for advanced cannabis users who know how their body reacts to medical marijuana and have experience smoking or vaping.

Here’s what dabbing is and why it’s not for beginners.

If you’ve smoked a pre-roll or taken a hit from a water pipe, then you’ve consumed the bud of the marijuana plant. In its plant form, marijuana is perfectly effective. When heat and pressure are applied to that same plant matter, it creates rosin, a product that is 40-80% more potent and used for dabbing.

At Revolutionary Clinics we offer cannabis concentrates in four different forms: oil, distillate oil, hash, rosin, and sap. Oils can be mixed into food or taken orally, while hash can be smoked in a traditional water pipe or rolled into a pre-roll. Due to their sticky textures, rosins and saps need to be handled with a device called a nail. Because of the extra heat required to ignite them, rosins and saps must be smoked from another different device called a dab rig. A dab rig is an advanced water pipe with extra levels of filtration to refine and cool the smoke from the concentrate so that it’s easier to inhale.

Watch the video below to see a dab rig in action:


As you can see, a dab rig is significantly more advanced than a traditional water pipe which is why we only recommend it for experienced cannabis users. Another reason dabbing is not for beginners is the aforementioned intensity of the cannabis concentrates. Even long-time cannabis users will want to start with a single, short puff on the dab rig. It’s essential to start slow, see how your body reacts to the more potent product, and adjust your usual dosage schedule from there.

Another way to dab is with a device called an E-Nail. As you’ll see in the video below, some E-Nails have different heating profiles for different concentrates and different flavor and vaporization experiences.


Deciding which product is right for you is all about your goals, preferences and budget. The E-Nail that Andrew demonstrated above is significantly less complicated (and less expensive) than the Puffco Peak he showed in the previous video. Of course, both of these products are just two of the many different choices you’ll find at the Revolutionary Clinics dispensary nearest you. Andrew and our other helpful, knowledgeable and compassionate Patient Advocates look forward to answering all your dabbing questions and connecting you with the vaporization system and cannabis concentrate product that will help you reach new levels of wellness. To learn more, give us a call today at 617-213-6006!

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