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Have a Great 420, Homegrown Style

Have a Great 420, Homegrown Style

As a Boston weed dispensary that delivers marijuana around the state, we at Rev love living in this amazing, revolutionary state. We also love cannabis, and our favorite holiday is coming up fast: 420!

It’s time to get back to basics this 420, and celebrate the day homegrown style. That means celebrating 420 at home and in Massachusetts! Here are five ways to have a great homegrown 420 in and around the Boston area.


1. Make your own DIY cannabis smoking devices


We’re all used to boasting fancy cannabis equipment nowadays — vapes, rigs, bubblers, and all other kinds of weed smoking accessories. For a truly homegrown 420 celebration, you can build your own very own DIY weed smoking equipment! 

You can create a gravity bong (commonly called a “grav bong”) for a smooth, fun, and very homestyle cannabis smoking experience. For a more natural option, make an apple weed pipe — and feel free to use a melon, pineapple, potato, or squash in lieu of an apple. You can even make your own pumpkin bong!


2. Roll a joint without a filter


Back in the day, many cannabis enjoyers did not use filters to roll their joints. Give your joint a home-grown feel by forgoing the filter!

To roll a joint without a filter, fill up your paper with cannabis flower, leaving some space at either end. Grasp the flower in the rolling paper and roll your fingers back and forth, just like you’re rolling a filtered joint — but the critical difference is to press and roll so one side of the joint contains more flower than the other. This should result in a cone-shaped joint with space on the thinner end, which you can later press with your lips to use as a built-in filter! Continue the rolling process as usual, then light the thicker end and enjoy.

For a truly all-natural filterless joint, you can use a cannabis fan leaf to roll a joint. If you’re growing your own cannabis using a Pot for Pot grow kits, this is just one way to use the loads of fan leaves you’ll collect!


3. Visit the Core Empowerment Social Justice Cannabis Museum


For Massachusetts cannabis users looking for an educational and thought-provoking 420, the Core Cannabis Empowerment Museum is an excellent — and free! — activity great for getting into the weeds of cannabis history. Co-located with Seed Dispensary, Core exhibits artwork that addresses the impacts of cannabis incarceration and prohibition, urging us to reflect on the events that brought the cannabis industry to where it is today.

Along with the gallery walls that display a comprehensive history of the injustices during cannabis prohibition, explore Core installations like an immersive jail cell and the evolution of illicit cultivation. There is also an interactive terpene wall, as well as a graffiti wall celebrating the power of street art.


4. Go into nature


If you want to return to your natural roots this 420, Massachusetts is filled with beautiful places to get some respite from your everyday hustle and bustle. Here are five places in the greater Boston area where you can celebrate nature on 420:


  • Boston Public Garden: The Public Garden is filled with beautiful, formal plantings that change with the seasons. In late April, you can expect to see cherry blossoms, tulips, pansies, plus many other spring-flowering bulbs and annuals, as well as spring foliage like weeping willows and sub-tropical plants. Plus, the swan boats will be back on this year by April 20th!
  • Charles River Esplanade: This stretch of public greenery contains over five miles of walking paths that extend along the Boston shore of the Charles River. Open from dawn until dusk, you can spend the day here and watch the sunset. Balance nature, like enjoying ponds and lilacs, with people watching on the Hatch Shell Oval. You can even go whale watching on the Charles River — late April is the very beginning of peak whale-watching season!
  • Alewife Brook Reservation: Located right off the Concord Turnpike and the Alewife MBTA station in Cambridge, this sprawling urban forest is a great place to go birdwatching for both indigenous and migratory birds. Although the park is primarily wetlands and rivers, there are also meadows and wooded uplands to explore.
  • Blue Hills Reservation: The Blue Hills in Milton boasts more than 15 hiking trails to choose from, ranging from the short and sweet to the long and mighty. See breathtaking summit views from the Great Blue Hill and the Skyline Loop, and discover ponds, waterfalls, woodlands, and other natural scenery depending on the trail.
  • Middlesex Fells Reservation: Also known as the Fells, this public reservation contains over 100 miles of mixed-use trails of all difficulty levels. There is also a Mountain Bike Loop, the observation lookout at Wright’s Tower, and Sheepfold Meadow where you can unleash your dog and let them play freely. You could also rent a kayak or canoe on Spot Pond, located in the middle of the Fells.


5. Stay at home


Roaming around and doing DIY 420 projects is definitely a blast, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of cannabis tea — and that’s okay! If you wish, spend your 420 relaxing at home and returning to your element.

Put on your coziest clothes, try to remove any stressors from the day (that includes your phone, if possible!) and enjoy the healing benefits of cannabis. You could listen to music or podcasts, watch that movie you’ve been meaning to see, or make edibles using one of the many edible recipes on the Rev blog. Creative outlets like painting, singing, dancing, or writing can also be even better with cannabis!


Celebrate 420 with Rev


You don’t need anything fancy to have fun and celebrate the great history and healing benefits of cannabis. With the five suggestions above, you can have an amazing homegrown 420 all by yourself.

All you need now is the cannabis product of your choice. Stock up for 420 with Rev by ordering online for delivery and in-store pickup at one of our dispensaries in Mass!

Watch below to learn about the history of 420:


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