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Great News for New Medical Marijuana Patients | Initial Access Certification is Here!

Great News for New Medical Marijuana Patients | Initial Access Certification is Here!

When you’re in pain or experiencing anxiety, the last thing you want to do is wait for help. Unfortunately, waiting is something every new medical marijuana patients has had to do before they can access their medicine – up to two weeks – while their application for a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card is being processed. This waiting period has been frustrating for many new patients who are excited to experience the benefits of medical marijuana after so many other treatment options have failed them.

Not anymore!

Three days before Independence Day, the Cannabis Control Commission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced a liberating new program that grants patients and caregivers access to dispensaries and Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program services from the moment they’ve been approved by their certifying clinician. Initial Access Certification gives doctors the ability to print a temporary patient registration form right at their office. New medical marijuana patients can then take this card to any dispensary and receive up to 2.5 ounces of medicine the very same day.

  • No more checking your mailbox every day for your medical marijuana card to arrive.
  • No more continued suffering with the symptoms that have driven you to seek alternative forms of treatment.

Best of all, there is no extra charge for this added convenience. It’s hands-down the most exciting news for the Massachusetts medical marijuana community since legalization.

Important things you need to know about Massachusetts Initial Access Certification

Initial access solves one of the biggest obstacles for new patients to try medical marijuana.

At Revolutionary Clinics, we’ve seen the same story play out many times. A potential new patient who is desperate for relief is intimidated by the process of applying for a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana card but is still interested in trying cannabis. Then he/she learns about the 14-day waiting period and they decide it’s not worth the hassle. That’s why same-day access is so exciting – we’re able to supply medicine to new patients as quickly as they can receive approval from their cannabis doctor. 

Your temporary patient registration form is valid for 14 days.

This may not seem like a big deal since, in theory, your Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card should arrive during this time frame. We say “in theory” because delays happen. The last thing you want is to experience the inconvenience of a delay along with the frustration of knowing you had the opportunity to receive your medicine but you waited too long to acquire it. Initial access give you the ability to purchase medical marijuana the same day you receive it – use it!

You still have to complete and submit your Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card application 

Don’t let the happiness and excitement of receiving your first supply of medical marijuana distract you from the other steps of filing for your MMJ card. You still need to:

  • Log in to state portal and create a virtual gateway account
  • Register with the state medical marijuana program
  • Supply a scan of your state issued photo ID that includes your address, name and contact info (passport, MA state ID, MA driver’s license or military ID)
  • Upload a passport style photo
  • Review and submit your application

If you don’t complete these steps, you’ll be locked out after 14 days and unable to purchase more medicine after you consume your initial supply. This could result in further delays that you don’t want.

Your initial 14-day supply counts against your 10 ounce 60-day rolling balance

There are limits to how much medical marijuana you can purchase, CLICK HERE for important details including an explanation of the 10 ounce 60-day rolling balance. Your initial supply gets you around the waiting period before your application is processed but is still part of your 60-day balance. It’s not a bonus.

Your initial access form can only be printed at your cannabis doctor’s office

If you lose this form, there’s nothing the Revolutionary Clinics staff or even the Cannabis Control Commission can do for you. You have to go back to your doctor during office hours and have him/her print you a new form. To find a Massachusetts cannabis doctor near you, please check out any of the following resources:

Canna Care Docs

Medwell Health

The Holistic Center

Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance (Compassion for Patients)

Your initial supply can only be purchased at our dispensary, delivery is not an option

At Revolutionary Clinics, medical marijuana delivery to your door is one of our most appreciated patient services. Before we can deliver to your home, your address must be validated by the state through the MMJ card application process. Please plan accordingly!

If you’ve been thinking about trying medical marijuana, there’s never been a better time to explore the process. If you’re a satisfied patient who knows someone who was initially discouraged by the MMJ card application process and waiting period, please share this post with him/her in the hopes that they will try again. Either way, Revolutionary Clinics is happy to answer any questions you have and connect you with the resources you need to get started. Please give us a call at 617-213-6006!

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    1. Absolutely. You will need to make an appointment with a licensed Cannabis Doctor. We listed a bunch of their names in the post. Some great places to call are: Canna Care Docs,
      Medwell Health, and The Holistic Center. The Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance (Compassion for Patients) also has a great list of Doctors on their website as well.

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