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Benefits of Growing Cannabis at Home

Benefits of Growing Cannabis at Home

For many years, weed enthusiasts have grown their own cannabis — and for good reason! Growing weed at home has a wide range of benefits that make cannabis cultivation an enriching hobby for any true cannabis connoisseur.

As home growing gets more popular, it’s easier than ever to grow your own cannabis. The starter kits from a Pot for Pot provide all the materials you’ll need to take care of your cannabis plants. These grow kits include nutrient-rich soil, seed germination materials, and healthy bacteria for cultivating the healthiest plants possible. 

At Rev, we’re more than just a dispensary in Boston and beyond. We encourage our customers to learn more about this amazing plant, and we’re here to make sure you have all the answers to your cannabis-growing concerns and general weed wonderings. In honor of Earth Day, let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of growing cannabis at home — including some you might not have considered.


1. Learn more about your favorite plant


If you’re thinking about growing weed, chances are you’re already a cannabis fan. But, as any home grower will tell you, there’s even more you can learn to love about the cannabis plant. Growing your own cannabis lets you deepen your knowledge of this incredible plant, giving you a new appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into every joint. Cannabis cultivation is a lifelong educational journey that can take you from enthusiast to expert, and grow your love for your favorite plant.


2. Practice the art of weed cultivation 


Weed cultivation isn’t just a hobby — it’s an art that you can practice and improve. Weed cultivation involves constant experimentation with growing elements, prepping materials, and harvesting techniques. That’s how you can figure out the right environment, conditions, and nutrients for your perfect strain! As you continue to improve your weed growing craft, you’ll achieve the sense of accomplishment that comes from hard work and dedication.


3. Try new things with cannabis — and use every part of the plant


When you grow cannabis at home, the cultivation process isn’t the end of your experimentation. After you harvest, dry and cure your weed, you can test out new and exciting ways to consume your plant. Try one of Rev’s many edibles recipes, create tinctures, or even turn your cannabis into concentrates. 

To make the most out of weed cultivation, you can learn how to use every part of the plant. Fan leaves can make great rolling papers or healthy non-psychoactive additions to your juices or smoothies. Even the stems and trimmings can be used to create hash, with the right blending method.


4. Understand exactly what’s in your medicine  


We all deserve to know what’s in our medicine. With homegrown weed, you’re completely in charge of what goes into your medical cannabis. Understanding where your medicine comes from, and how it’s made at each step of the way, can be a rewarding part of the holistic healing process. 

When you grow your own medical cannabis with a Pot for Pot, you’ll use the lesser-known sibling of sativa and indica, cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is a great plant for medicinal healing, and flowers automatically — making it especially easy to grow at home. Pure ruderalis has low THC and high CBD, boasting little psychoactive properties with incredible medicinal healing power. However, there are ruderalis hybrid strains that contain potent THC levels along with automatic flowering capabilities.


5. Have fun!


For a cannabis enthusiast, there’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying the weed you grew from a tiny seed. Cannabis cultivation is a hobby that enriches people’s lives, and fosters a community of passionate growers. Growing your own weed is a new kind of high — a fun pastime with a real sense of accomplishment.

At Rev, we can help you grow your own cannabis using a Pot for Pot grow kits. And when it’s time to get cannabis products from a dispensary, make a visit to any of our Massachusetts dispensary locations. Rev also offers online ordering for home delivery and in-store pickup, giving our medical customers a convenient way to buy marijuana in Boston and beyond.

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