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How To Get Marijuana Delivery in Saugus, MA

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Why can’t you get Marijuana in Saugus, MA?

Sometimes the freedoms that Massachusetts cities and towns have to make their own decisions on state laws can be a blessing and other times they can be a curse. In the case of Ballot Question 4, the latter was true. It least in our humble opinion. In 2016, The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative legalized recreational cannabis in Massachusetts. That’s the good news. The bad news is that cities and towns had the final word on whether recreational cannabis could be sold in their jurisdiction or not.

In the 2016 statewide election, 7,852 Saugus residents voted against The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative while 6,710 Saugus residents voted in favor of the bill. In May, 2018, town official used these results to prohibit in all zoning districts of the town of Saugus: The operation of any marijuana establishment as defined in General Laws 94G, including, without limitation, a marijuana cultivator, marijuana testing facility, marijuana product manufacturer, marijuana retailer, or any other licensed marijuana-related business.”

And THAT is why you can’t buy recreational marijuana in Saugus.

So how do you get Marijuana in Saugus, MA?

Just because it’s illegal for businesses to sell recreational marijuana in Saugus, doesn’t mean you can’t buy cannabis in Saugus. All you need is a Massachusetts MMJ card and a computer and you can order medical marijuana from Revolutionary Clinics. Saugus is within the delivery area of our medical marijuana dispensary in Somerville. With same day or next delivery available on most days of the week, it’s easy to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana whenever you need them.