How To Get Marijuana Delivery in Wakefield, MA

Wakefield Town Hall at 1 Lafayette Street, Wakefield, Mass ...

Why can’t you get Marijuana in Wakefield, MA?

Since recreational cannabis is legal in the state of Massachusetts, we don’t blame you for asking yourself why can’t I buy marijuana in Wakefield? Under the provisions of Ballot Question Number 4 that was approved statewide in 2016, individual cities and towns could decide for themselves whether or not to permit recreational marijuana stores to open.

In March, 2017, Wakefield residents voted 1823 to 409 against recreational cannabis. This overwhelming majority dashed the hopes of many marijuana advocates but that’s democracy in action. Nevertheless, that very same year, there were 18,900 registered voters living in the town of Wakefield. Do you think there were enough people in that group to have turned the vote in favor of recreational marijuana in Wakefield? We’ll never know, but it’s something to think about.

So how do you get Marijuana in Wakefield, MA?

Does this mean you’re out of luck if you live in Wakefield and you want to experience the therapeutic benefits of smoking cannabis? Fortunately, not! Since we are a medical marijuana dispensary, at Revolutionary Clinics, we’re able to deliver cannabis to anyone in Wakefield, MA who possesses a Massachusetts MMJ card. Check out the state’s Initial Access Program which expedites the process!