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The Lasting Benefits of an MMJ Card

The Lasting Benefits of an MMJ Card

Now that recreational cannabis is available in Massachusetts for anyone over 21, we can all access our favorite plant without a MA medical card (MMJ card). But there are still plenty of reasons to get a medical card — from cash savings, to convenience, and more.

Even in the recreational world, medical marijuana isn’t a thing of the past. Getting a medical marijuana card is a great way to expand your cannabis horizons, and to access deals for medical patients at your dispensary.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why you should still consider getting your MMJ card.

Access to more products

An MMJ card still gives you access to more cannabis products in dispensaries across Massachusetts. While recreational edibles are limited to 5mg of THC per serving, there are medical edibles with up to 100mg of THC per piece for more intense healing. Because there is a greater range of THC concentrations available for medical cannabis patients, there are lots of effective products that are limited to clients with an MMJ card.

Getting an MMJ card also helps to ensure your cannabis is consistently available at the dispensary — even if there is a drop in supply. Because many medical consumers need predictable access, Massachusetts law establishes that a minimum of 35% of medical-grade cannabis products must be reserved for MMJ patients.

Serious financial savings


A little-known advantage of the Massachusetts medical marijuana card is just how much money you can save with a medical cannabis referral. Medical cannabis is not subject to the high taxes imposed on recreational sales in Massachusetts — which can reach up to 20% of the total value of the product. By avoiding the 17% state recreational tax (and up to 3% municipal tax), a medical card can save you lots of cash over time.

Here’s another Massachusetts cannabis law that’s probably even less-known: medical marijuana patients can access deals and discounts. Rev Clinics offers a wide variety of first-time dispensary deals for our MMJ clients. These include in-store credit for new referrals, Double Points Wednesdays, and valuable coupons every time you recertify your MMJ card.

More convenient access

With the legalization of recreational cannabis, Massachusetts law recognizes that medical patients need priority access to cannabis products. At Rev Clinics, our delivery program offers convenient hand-delivered medicine to clients across the Boston metro area. Whether you’re a recreational user or a medical marijuana patient, you can also place orders online.

The convenience of medical access is hard to beat. Plus, the registration process is fast and easy — as soon as you get your MMJ card, you can go to the dispensary (or the dispensary website) and purchase your medicine all in the same day.

Medical patients also receive guidance from a cannabis clinician. Whether they’re a doctor, a nurse, or a nurse practitioner, cannabis guidance is a major advantage for people with complex medical histories. Your cannabis clinician can help you to understand how medical marijuana might interact with other medications you take, and they can provide consistent clinical assistance for those who need it.

You can join the Rev community!

At Rev Clinics, we’re more than just a dispensary — we’re a community of cannabis advocates and experts. Our team is just as enthusiastic about cannabis as you are, and we’re here to help you find cannabis products that fit your needs. As a member of the Rev community, you can access special discounts for our returning patients, like our Veterans Discount — plus 10% back for in-store purchases every Wednesday for every MMJ customer.

If you’re an official caregiver for a medical marijuana patient, we can also deliver your patient’s cannabis directly to you.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in MA

Now that we’ve established the benefits of an MMJ card, you might be wondering: how easy is it to get a medical card in Massachusetts? The answer is: it’s surprisingly easy! As soon as you receive a recommendation from your cannabis clinician, you can register as a patient with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program. After filling out a patient intake form, you’re ready to receive all the benefits the MMJ program has to offer.

Rev Clinics isn’t just a great place to buy medical cannabis — it’s also a great place to learn about what medical cannabis can do for you. Check out our blog for more info on how to get your medical card in Mass, with tips from our team of experts.

For more information on your benefits as a medical marijuana patient, you can read about MMJ certification on our Rev Clinics website. With the right dispensary, healing is just around the corner.