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5 Things Revolutionary Clinics is Most Grateful for This Thanksgiving

5 Things Revolutionary Clinics is Most Grateful for This Thanksgiving

5 Things Revolutionary Clinics is Most Grateful for This Thanksgiving

At Revolutionary Clinics, we’re just as excited as you are to set work aside, spend time with our families and enjoy some great food on Thanksgiving Day. This Thanksgiving promises to be a particularly good one because we have so much to be thankful for. It’s been an incredible year for our company, our staff and the cannabis community we serve.

Here are the top five things we’ll be thinking about before we dig into our Turkey Day feast:

Initial Access Certification
Just before the 4th of July holiday, the Massachusetts legislature provided new medical marijuana patients with a tremendous boost of freedom and independence when they introduced the initial access certification program. Before this program, new patients typically had to wait up to two weeks to access their medicine while their application for a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card was processed. At Revolutionary Clinic, we’ve seen the look of profound disappointment in the eyes of hundreds of new patients who were excited to experience the benefits of medical marijuana when they found out they had to wait.

With the initial access program, cannabis doctors are now able to print a temporary patient registration form right at their offices. New medical marijuana patients can then take this card to any dispensary and receive up to 2.5 ounces of medicine the very same day.

It is a huge deal that’s made an equally huge difference in the lives of hundreds of new patients who’ve taken advantage of initial access certification since the program went live. At Revolutionary Clinics, we’re truly grateful for initial access certification and we hope you’ll toast to it on Thanksgiving as well.

Congress Passing the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act (SAFE)
At Revolutionary Clinics, our patients love our cannabis products and our knowledgeable service but they hate the fact that they have to pay for their medicine with either a debit card or cash.  We have explained why you can’t use a credit card to purchase medical marijuana in a previous blog post where we also expressed our excitement and support for the Secure and Fair Banking Act (SAFE).

If it passes, the SAFE Act will stop the federal government from classifying cannabis as a Class 1 controlled substance. This classification is the reason why credit card companies haven’t been willing to extend credit to dispensaries like Revolutionary Clinics – they’re worried they could be subject to federal prosecution and sadly, they’re absolutely right.

It’s a complicated issue that received a big win in September when the SAFE Act was passed by the House of Representatives. This was the first of three major hurdles that the bill has to clear. Next up is the Senate and we’ve provided you with some easy ways to lend your voice to this important bill that will make it a whole lot easier for you and thousands of other medical marijuana patients like you to purchase your medicine.  We’ll be thanking Congress for doing their part on Thanksgiving Day and sending some serious good will to Senators Warren and Markey, too!

Our Incredible Growth
Last Thanksgiving, Revolutionary Clinics had 78 total employees working at our Fawcett Street dispensary in Cambridge, our Broadway Street dispensary in Somerville and our growing and production facility in Fitchburg. This year, as we ramp up our production capabilities to supply our third location opening in Central Square early next year, we’ve grown to 164 employees. Even if we weren’t adding this location, we still would have grown because we serve so many more patients now than we did our first year. That’s a lot to be thankful for!

Our Amazing Staff
One of the reasons we’ve grown so much this past year is that we have the best employees in the business. That’s not our opinion, that’s a fact. Earlier this year, The New England Cannabis Network (NECANN) named Revolutionary Clinics the Best Medical Dispensary in Massachusetts. This enormous honor is a direct reflection of the quality of our staff who are so passionate about what they do and who care so very much about improving our patients’ lives. That’s true whether our employees work in fulfillment, operations, marketing, accounting or as Patient Advocates on the dispensary floor. We all take our jobs seriously because we know that everything we do has a direct impact on our patients’ physical and mental well-being.

We’re so proud of our staff, we’ve added a Revolutionary People feature to our blog where we shine the spotlight on different employees and share some behind-the-scenes information about their backgrounds, their interests and why their so good at what they do. Our most recent post was about Mike Miller who works in our Fawcett Street fulfillment center. When he’s not making sure all of our products get where they need to go, Mike runs his own non-profit organization, Toys AUcross America. In an effort to help Mike send as many toys as possible to kids with Autism all over the country, we’ve been collecting spare change at both of our dispensaries throughout the month of November. We still have a week to go but as of Thursday, November 21 we’re thrilled to say that our staff and patients have raised $235 for Toys AUcross America. Which brings us to the fifth and most important thing we’re thankful for…

Our Loyal Patients
As a medical marijuana patient you have dozens of options where you can purchase your medicine in Massachusetts. At Revolutionary Clinics, we never take your business for granted and we believe every visit you make to our dispensaries is your most important one yet. Your loyalty, referrals and kind words on social media are the ultimate measure of our success and we’re profoundly grateful for each and every one of you.

On behalf of all 164 of us at Revolutionary Clinics, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the people you’ll be celebrating with this year. And since the week of Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without amazing deals, be sure to  sign up for emails at the bottom of the page so you’re the first to hear about the awesome promotions that start on Sunday, November 24. See you soon!

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