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Getting Your MMJ Certification in Massachusetts

Getting Your MMJ Certification in Massachusetts

It’s not always easy to approach a doctor for a cannabis referral. Even as the medical benefits of cannabis become widely accepted, talking about medical marijuana can still feel taboo. As a result, plenty of people who could benefit from medical cannabis find themselves uncomfortable bringing up the topic with their healthcare provider. This sometimes prevents patients from advocating for themselves confidently and reaping the full benefits of a medical marijuana card, known as your MMJ card.

But MMJ certification is a relatively fast and smooth process — there’s no need for your doctor’s appointment to stress you out! Rev is a Massachusetts dispensary here to provide some tips on how to get your Massachusetts medical marijuana card, and make the most out of your MMJ card doctor’s appointment. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to create an effective, comfortable visit to your doctor to request an MMJ card and get your MMJ certification.


How to Get a Medical Card in MA


To get an MMJ card, you’ll first need to meet with a doctor to get your referral. A medical referral for an MMJ card is called a “Certification” — this is confirmation from a qualified doctor that you have a debilitating medical condition and can benefit from using cannabis.

In Massachusetts, certification for medical marijuana requires a doctor’s referral to cannabis as a legal treatment for your qualifying condition. That means your doctor is recommending you for the state-licensed program for cannabis in Mass. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure a smooth referral for a Massachusetts MMJ card:


1. Find the right doctor


Your primary care physician is often the best place to start. If there’s a doctor you’ve been seeing for years, chances are they will have a good understanding of your current health conditions. But your tried-and-true doctor might not always be the most effective resource. In Massachusetts, an MMJ referral requires your doctor to be certified with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program. For this reason, many physicians aren’t able to make cannabis referrals.

At Rev, we can help you find a qualified doctor with MMJ credentials. We offer support for medical patients seeking an MMJ card and plenty of information about doctors who can help.


2. Be thorough and honest with your doctor


Even for those who are fully on board with the evidence-based medical benefits of cannabis, there is still a lingering stigma around the plant. This is understandable — but fighting the stigma can go a long way in helping people get the right medicine.

When you’re speaking with your doctor, being thorough about your medical condition is crucial. Explain honestly the symptoms that are bringing you in, and why you believe cannabis could help. It’s your doctor’s job to take your health seriously, and honesty will lead to better healing.


3. Know that you’re not alone!


It’s important to remember there are lots of people in Mass (and beyond!) seeking an MMJ card. Medical marijuana is a topic that will continue to grow, and many licensed cannabis clinicians have extensive cannabis knowledge and expertise. To reduce the discomfort around bringing up medical cannabis, it can help to remember you’re one of the millions of Americans curious about the medical benefits of cannabis — and probably not the first kind of medical marijuana patient your doctor has encountered.

A wide array of qualifying conditions commonly lead people to get an MMJ card. These range from glaucoma to cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), Crohn’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions that make life unmanageable. According to the Marijuana Policy Project, Massachusetts doctors can prescribe cannabis for symptoms that are “progressing to such an extent that one or more of a patient’s life activities is substantially limited.”


Final Steps When Getting Your MMJ Card


Getting your MMJ card certification from your doctor is just the first of two requirements for buying medical marijuana in Massachusetts. Once you get your certification, you’ll need to register with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Fortunately, this process is quite simple! You can register online or by mail through the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC), and Rev can help you through this process. Some cannabis clinicians can handle registration on your behalf, so be sure to ask your cannabis clinician if they help with the state registration, should you want assistance. As soon as you’ve registered, you may access the full benefits of medical cannabis in the Commonwealth.


Rev: Your Dispensary in Massachusetts for Medical Cannabis


Getting your MMJ card in Mass has many benefits, including higher doses of permitted THC and the ability to purchase larger quantities of cannabis. But before you can unlock the potential of medical cannabis in Massachusetts, you’ll need your MMJ card. That’s where Rev comes in.

At Rev, we can guide you through the process of getting your MMJ card — and getting the natural medicine and holistic healing you deserve. We offer home cannabis delivery to medical marijuana patients across the Boston metro area. You can also order cannabis online for pickup at one of our Massachusetts dispensary locations!

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