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Limonene | What it is and how it may help you

Limonene | What it is and how it may help you

Myrcene may be the most prevalent terpene in cannabis, but Limonene is one of the most sought after for its reported effects that range from anti-anxiety to hunger suppression.

As always, let’s begin with a quick review of terpenes in case you’re brand new to cannabis. Like the different bottles in a spice rack that can change the way your food tastes, terpenes impact both the flavor and aroma of cannabis as well as how different strains make you feel.

Named for limon, the French word for lemon, Limonene is most commonly found in the rinds of citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and, yes, lemons. This doesn’t necessarily mean that strains high in Limonene taste like lemons, but they tend to have citrusy notes. Did you play soccer or baseball when you were a kid? If so, and you were lucky enough to have a coach or team parent who brought a plate of chilled orange slices to your games, you know how refreshing and invigorating Limonene can be.  If you can’t relate to that, imagine that first glass of orange juice on a morning when you’re not feeling your best. Or consider the smell of a fresh-squeezed drizzled over fresh seafood, a crisp salad, or into an ice-cold glass of ice water. Now let’s think about cleaning products. From dusting sprays to floor cleaners, the “clean, fresh scent of lemon” doesn’t just remove dirt from surfaces in your home; it makes your house FEEL clean.

Scientists and budtenders alike are still learning about terpenes and how they impact the cannabis experience, but there are some fascinating theories out there about Limonene’s health benefits. For example, in addition to its ability to help you relax and de-stress, Limone is believed to work as an anti-inflammatory. That would make cannabis strains with Limonene excellent choices for kicking back after an aggressive workout or if you’re struggling with chronic pain or arthritis.

While cannabis has a somewhat dubious reputation for stimulating appetite, many patients have told us that strains high in Limonene make them less hungry, which helps them stick to their diet plans. If you consider how a tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade makes you feel on a blazing hot day, you won’t be surprised to hear that Limone strains have also helped some patients with their anxiety.

At Revolutionary Clinics, we’re making it easier for our patients to choose their medication based on the variety and amount of terpenes within all of our different products. Check out the label below, and you’ll see that at .66%,  Limonene is the dominant terpene in 3.5g of Skywalker OG flower.

Terpene Label

This means if you’re dealing with anxiety or chronic pain, you might want to consider Skywalker OG. Every Rev Clinics product is labeled this way so patients know exactly what they’re buying and can make informed decisions on the best medication for their objectives.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or have been a Rev Clinics patient since we opened the doors of our first dispensary in 2017, this is an exciting time. As the stigma of marijuana continues to ease and more organizations conduct high-quality research on how cannabis affects us, the better equipped our Patient Advocates are to help our patients achieve their wellness goals. If you’d like to learn more about terpenes or would like to discuss your situation with one of our experts, please give us a call at 617-213-6006  or CLICK HERE to schedule a virtual consultation.




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